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Prices are extremely nice. I sell your products in an antique store. Everything I’ve ordered from you has been shipped expeditiously and incredibly well packaged. Can I get a discount 😂

Love the Tiger Eye

It had about 90% pieces that was a nice size to sell. Then I make different projects to sell and the small pieces works great to make gifts.

Beautiful Rose Quartz Tea Light

Fast shipping and great price for this nicely shaped, pale pink Rose Quartz Tea Light.

FULL CASE / 15 KILOS - Black Tourmaline Rough Rock from India


Sold out immediately!

Amethyst druzy

Lovely selection of sizes and shades.

Great quality of stones, and customer service
was excellent.


They are all perfect! Very nice sized!

Heart stones!

I’m a lover of hearts and they are everywhere! The ones sent to me by my friend are fabulous and are on my counter to appreciate each and everyday - they are beautiful! ☺️♥️


The package safely arrived in just a few days, and was well-packed---the material is beautiful and the coasters are well-made; they have a thick slab that feels good in your hand and looks fantastic on the table!

dolomite blue aventurine mix

Great and dolomite is a rare mineral thats hard to find, the delivery of my order was super fast too :)

Beautiful pieces

Have always been very pleased with your products.

QTY 1 - Lepidolite 7 PC Platonic / Solid Geometry Set


The necklace is absolutely beautiful, well crafted I will buy more

Review for b grade amethyst 22 kg lot

I recently received an order of amethyst druzy with cut base grade b, 22 kilo . I was happy that they gave me all large pieces. And they were put in a box inside of a box but the amethyst was only wrapped with two pieces of paper and they were sitting on top of each other. They were all beautiful amethyst. They arrived and some were cracked in the back and two were damaged badly. Unfortunately the nicest one got broken half. I was able to salvage them and grind them down so I can still use them. I'm sure the post office was probably pretty rough with the box since it weighed 50 lb Plus. But I was very happy that they had given me money off to compensate for the loss. I had purchased the 22 kilo case previously and they all arrived undamaged.

The best kyanite pendants

These are the best kyanite pendants I have ever had the pleasure of receiving

Beautiful extra quality lapis however be aware of size variation

The extra quality crystals are generally superior to the usual crystals offered. These did not disappoint. They were very nice. Please be aware that these tumbles vary greatly in size from about 1/2” to about 1-1/2”.

16" 316 Grade Stainless Steel Rolo Chain

Love the Mushies Pendants

As always, I love the mushies pendant's, and so do my customers.

QTY 1 - Purple Agate Slice / 2.5"-3.5"/ #1

Great product

Even more beautiful 'in person' - great.

Perfect Crystals

The Flat crystals are perfect for wire wrapping

Great product

I have been satisfied with everything I have gotten from the store

Very good

Great quality. Quick shipping

Nice specimens

Quality stones expertly set.