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  • QTY 1 - Teal Agate Slice / 5.5"- 6" / #6 - Crystal River Gems

    QTY 1 - Teal Agate Slice / 5.5"- 6" / #6

    Agate Slice ( NO DRILLED HOLE ) Origin Brazil  SIZE REFERS TO LENGTH. WIDTH IS NOT MEASURED. When using the cherry-picking option, please describe the request in terms of preferred shape like oblong, rounder, translucent, holes or no holes, etc.   When the Cherry Picking Service is requested, we try with our best ability to select the product that best matches your description. However, we will reach out before proceeding if we do not have an agate slice that fits your requirements. NOTE: Smaller size agates #ooo-#1 have fewer rounder shapes available.



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