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Ametrine is a naturally occurring variety of quartz that displays a mixture of amethyst and citrine with zones of purple and yellow or orange. The color of the zones visible within ametrine are due to differing oxidation states of iron within the crystal. The citrine segments have oxidized iron while the amethyst segments are unoxidized.

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  • QTY 1 - Ametrine Gemstone Bottle / 3" Tall

    QTY 1 - Ametrine Gemstone Bottle / 3" Tall

    Ametrine Gemstone Bottle  Origin: Brazil Pieces measure approximately 3" tall(AVERAGE SIZE) The picture is an example ONLY. This listing is for a 100% natural product. Please allow for variation in size, shape, color, and formation. Randomly selected gemstones, cherry-picking requests can not be fulfilled. CRYSTAL RIVER GEMS WHOLESALE BULK **Fast domestic and international shipping**



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