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Oco Geode Necklace with Rose Quartz Point and Silver Plating (1 Piece) Size 24 Inches Crystal Jewelry Charm

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    Silver-Plated Oco Geode Necklace with Rose Quartz Point
    Uniqueness Guaranteed: Every item is one-of-a-kind, making them ideal for all projects or designs.

    Listing is for (1 piece) 
    Avg Size Range: (24 inches)
    Material Origin: (Brazil)

    Oco geodes form when groundwater deposits sediment and other minerals like quartz inside basalt pockets, which then seal over. These minerals harden in a similar process to agate, and the basalt eventually wears away to leave the geode behind. When cut open and polished, these geodes display colorful wavy patterns along the rim.

    Rose quartz owes its distinctive coloring to trace amounts of iron, manganese, and titanium that replace silicon molecules in the crystal lattice while it forms. Natural rose quartz will vary in color from extremely pale pink that is almost white to medium-intensity pink depending on the amount of these trace elements and the size of the stone.

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