Selenite Eggs

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  • QTY 1 - Selenite Egg / 60-70mm AVG QTY 1 - Selenite Egg / 60-70mm AVG

    QTY 1 - Selenite Egg / 60-70mm AVG

    Selenite Egg Origin: Morocco Pieces measure approximately 60 to 70 millimeters (AVERAGE SIZE) The picture is an example ONLY. This listing is for a 100% natural product. Please allow for variation in size, shape, color, and formation. Randomly selected gemstones, cherry-picking requests can not be fulfilled. CRYSTAL RIVER GEMS WHOLESALE BULK **Fast domestic and international shipping** Please note: Selenite is a brittle mineral and will naturally degrade over time and with exposure to heat or moisture. Selenite can also naturally contain inclusions of other minerals, leading to red, brown, or even blue coloring in places and natural internal cleaving. These inclusions and cleaving do not affect selenite structurally in any way and are purely cosmetic.



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